Ahoy Phunky Phriends! 

Maybe you're a video game music fanatic, or perhaps a film soundtrack aficionado? Do you notoriously have that one catchy theme song relentlessly stuck in your head? Or do ya like jammin' to that new hit song on the radio? Maybe you're a sucker for sultry strings, or you just appreciate a groovy new twist on one of your favorite tunes?! ... Whatever turns your ear holes on, you've conquered the right boss level to enter the world of geeky phreaky phunky phiddlin'!

And now, I feel that I can properly introduce myself....

I'm Phunk Phiddler 

Welcome aboard! I humbly thank you for visiting. Here, there shall be no shame for letting your phreaky geek phlag phly, nor for letting nerd be the werd. Because please, I implore you.... talk nerdy to me!!

"Who am I?!"

I'm goofin' off on Michael Jackson riffs from memory instead of practicing my scales during orchestra... Me and my violin "Phiddle" create violin arrangements of game musicfilm music & popular songs for the world to discovah! I also write originals and love making loops. If you enjoy them as much as I do, quit phiddlin' around and be the great matey that ye are by phollowin' your phavorite phunky phiddler on the links below, share my videos & music with other phine pholks, and subscribe to my phun philled channel on Youtube! And unless I suddenly acquire superhero powers, I will habitually post new videos on a regular basis - 'boredom not included'. I also take requests so please pheel phree to suggest anything those ears can't wait to hear, and don't phorget to use the hashtag #phunky on Phacebook or Instagram to connect with me and phollow my violin ventures. 

I am phorever grateful for your phandom and dedication.

Don't be aphraid to get your pheet wet!

Phunk Phiddler